At The Heisserer Firm, if you have been wrongfully terminated, let our team of Nashville employment attorneys and experts guide you through the system to get the results you want and deserve in your harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination case. The Heisserer Firm is committed to making Nashville a better place for workers and giving you the leg up you need to get a resolution in your case. The Heisserer Firm also offers support throughout workplace investigations, during severance agreement review and negotiations, as well as with employment contracts. 





Relentless Advocacy. Smart Solutions. 

Let our experts handle your case with care and integrity

Our goal is to help give you an edge in your employment case--whether you are experiencing workplace harassment, discrimination based upon age, sex, color or national origin or you have a disability. If you need an employment attorney in Nashville, consider a firm known for its professionalism, advocacy and creative solutions. 

"Ms. Heisserer is an energetic person with the upmost professionalism, congeniality, and patience. She is efficient, smart, accessible and all the things that make the project go smoothly and properly."

Former Client, K.B.

"We were called for depositions, and Ms. Heisserer was amazing during this process. I was very nervous, but Tess guided me through the deposition with strength and professionalism. She was very thorough and went toe to toe with opposing counsel and defended our interests vigorously. A family member also has experience with Tess, and she was also very helpful with his deposition and preparing for the entire experience In the end, we received a generous settlement offer and most of this is due to Tess Heisserer’s knowledge of the law and her ability to support her clients."

Former Client, K.F.

Your voice, your experience matters.

We are dedicated to giving you a voice in employment disputes and negotiations.

Whether you believe you have been terminated illegally or you simply have questions about a contract your employer is asking you to sign, our office can help you achieve what matters to you. 

If you have a question related to an issue with your employer, please contact us to see if we can help. While every case is different and requires independent evaluation, your issues are important to us. 

Our Process. Your Case.

From the initial consultation to negotiating with your current or former employer to litigation, we will achieve results together.


We offer a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your issue, so there is absolutely no risk for you to give us a call if you have questions about any issue you may be having with your current or former employer. Most importantly, your consultation is completely confidential

Getting to Work

While every case evaluation is unique, if we have decided to work together, we will get to work for you as soon as possible. We  believe that getting to work sooner rather than later is the key to success with your case. Your case is important to us.


As we work to resolve your case to a result that aligns with your goals, we will negotiate with your current or former employer on your behalf. You will be updated on your case regularly, so that you are never left in the dark

Convenient Meetings

While we work on your behalf, we will offer convenient virtual or in-person meetings to suit your needs. 


Should negotiations fail, we are prepared to reach your goals through litigation where possible. We know that formal litigation can be intimidating, but we are on your team and ready. 


Whether through agreement or litigation, we will reach a resolution for you and your case. From the beginning, we keep you in mind and tailor your case to fit your needs. 

Practice Areas

Wrongful Termination

Severance Contracts

Workplace Harassment

Employer Discrimination

EEOC and THRC Claims

EEOC Claims Must be Filed in Some Cases Prior to a Lawsuit.

It can take up to six months to even get an interview with the EEOC. At the Heisserer Firm, we can file your case for you right away and help you through the investigation or mediation process. 

Who We Are

Highly qualified and motivated professionals

At the Heisserer Firm, we pride ourselves on making Nashville a better place for workers. We are always working towards the goal of excellence and are pleased to be recognized as one of the Best Employment Law Firms in Nashville. 


An award-winning Nashville wrongful termination attorney on your side. 

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